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Effective Leadership by Dean Elad Granot

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What is the job of a leader?

  • It is the leader's responsibility to Provide Resources and Remove Obstacles.

Must be a follower in order to be a leader:

  • Young professionals must be wise in choosing who to follow. Find a respected mentor that is willing to take you under his or her wing, and will help you reach your full potential. Understand that it is not necessary to be a leader in every situation. Wise leaders know when to let others take charge, especially when someone else is the subject matter expert. Being comfortable knowing when to follow exemplifies great self-confidence and restraint. In fact, those who refuse to follow will cease to improve oneself.

Maxwell's 5 Levels of Leadership:

  1. Position: Leadership comes from a position of rank/title. People follow you because they have to, not necessarily because they want to.

  2. Permission: People follow because they want to. The leader is charismatic to some degree and has established a relationship with peers.

  3. Production: The leader's actions speak louder than words. He or she has produced results. In turn, the leader has created a following credited to past accomplishments.

  4. People Development: The leader has the ability to reproduce quality employees. The ability to re-create excellence draws a crowd, because the people understand what the leader can do for them on a personal level.

  5. Pinnacle: Respect. There is only a minute percentage of people who will ever achieve this level of leadership. It is easily the most powerful and influential stage on this list. People follow because they aspire to be what the leader represents as a whole.

Business is Personal:

  • Human beings are not primarily driven by logic. We are influenced by emotion more than we would like to admit. In a perfect world, personal relationships would not interfere with the best interests of the company and its employees. When strong rooted employee relationships are established, there is hardly anything the team members would not do for each other. However, it would be naive to think that someone would not take the opportunity to back stab their "enemy" every chance they get. With that said, it's imperative to never make the mistake of removing the human aspect of employees. Everyone in the company deserves to be treated with utmost respect regardless of job or title.

Start-up Nation by Dan Senor and Saul Singer:

  • How did the small nation of Israel become a global powerhouse in a relatively short amount of time while enduring numerous hardships and being surrounded by enemies?

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